Thursday, May 7, 2015

TBT: How My Mom's Style Influenced Me!

One classy mamma
My mom like any southern woman loves her pearls. And so do I!

Wallis slim fit blazer

Ulta lip gloss

Cherry blossom perfume

Like most little girls I often played dress up with my mother's clothes. I  tried to walk in my mother's heels as a girl even though I ended up falling on the floor most of the time! I also remember trying on her jewelry especially Grandmother's pearls that she gave my mother when she was in her 20s. Her first fashion icon was my late grandmother (her mother) who was a very fierce dressier I might add!

I also loved her blazers and scarfs that she loved to wear on Sundays. We both love striped tops and anything that is comfortable yet chic. When I was a child I really do not realize that a lot of her clothing choices and styles that I love were influenced by fashion icons of the past. 

Happy Bday Audrey!
My mom adores Audrey's Classy Style! That is where I inherited it from!

 My mom was influenced by the great fashion icons of the 1950s to 1980s. This is where I  got my love of style icons from the 1950s and 1960s Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Doris Day, Grace Kelly, and Katharine Hepburn. I love their lady like style and their how sophisticated they looked. 

My mom like most women in the 1970s was fond of big hair influenced by Cher and Diana Ross[ I also love big hair and believe the bigger the better]. In the 80s my mom was all for the big shoulder pad jackets and fitted suits of the 1980s like the ladies off of Dynasty. These same stars (including the ladies of Dynasty) are my inspiration in how I dress whether I want to admit it or not! 

Share Mom's Style
I actually like the Dynasty style now even though I laughed at the style when I was a kid!

But what I also got from her is my love of dressing modestly. We both at young age of being saved had our fashion faux pas trying to navigate the muddy waters of dressing modestly. I still cringe at the potato sack dresses both me  and her wore in our younger days! But we both know how to dress modestly now but still look classy and put together. 

She taught me how to layer my sleeveless dresses and shirts with cardigans and jackets to keep from showing too much skin. She made me realize I could wear v necks tops as long as I add a tank or camisole underneath. She also showed me leggings can be my best friend when it comes to wearing shorter skirts or to keep from being cold in the winter. We have  both  have learned a lot and  come a long way in our fashion journey.

Now  that I am older I find myself giving out the fashion advice (whether she takes it or not) and now she is borrowing my things especially my shoes. But I am still that little girl that "borrows" momma's clothes (blazers are my speciality) but now I pretend that I have outgrown needing her fashion advice (which I have not!). Even though I add my own mix to my fashion, I realized have learned a lot from my mother and that is why is is always my first style icon!

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Mother and daughter style twins!

Lanae Bond 


  1. I loved reading this post! What a wonderful tribute to your Mom! Thanks for linking up with Thursday Fashion Files!

    Doused In Pink

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for having such a great linkup!

  2. Hers is a beauty that defies time. Her fashion sense is timeless. She is an icon.
    And these are really great finds. Undoubtedly inspired by her.

    1. Thank you! It is great to have someone you can look up to not only for fashion advice but inner beauty as well! That's why I love her so much!


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