Thursday, May 14, 2015

This or That Thursday: Spring Shoes Part One!

Untitled #581
Floral shoes are awesome print for spring and summer. 
One of these shoes costs $40 bucks and the other over $200! 
Which one is the budget friendly one?

Untitled #581 by lanaebond featuring how to wear high heels

Good Morning,

Today I am going to feature spring shoes that are trending this year. Bold prints, metallics, sandals, and a few throwbacks to the olden days are hot for Spring and Summer 2015. But since it is Thursday it will be with a twist.  Some of the spring/summer shoes featured are budget friendly which is under $50 bucks and the others are more high end shoes. Can you tell which is which?

The Winner is:The beauty on the right!

ModCloth Strut a Feeling Heel

Untitled #582
Espadrilles are very 70s which has made a comeback this year.
Which 70s like shoe do you think is the budget friendly one! 

The Winner is 

The one on the right!

Charlotte Russe Cognac Three Band Espadrille Wedge Sandals by Charlotte Russe at Charlotte Russe

Untitled #583

Metallics are not just for winter but can be worn in the summer. 
One of these shoes cost $255 and the other $36. 
                                    Untitled #583 by lanaebond featuring summer sandals

The Winner is the shoe on the right

Michael Antonio Goren - Metallic Women's Wedge Shoes, Gold

Untitled #584

Another pair of espadrilles but in coral.  

One shoes costs $33 and the other $205. Which is the steal?

The Winner is 

The shoe on the left!

Patent Bow Wedge Sandal

Untitled #585
Do you remember those jelly shoes that were popular in the 80s and 90s?
I remember owning a pair or two as a kid.
But those childhood favorites are back and popular with some adults now!

One pair costs over 100 dollars and the other $16. 
Can you spot the deal?

The Winner is

the one on the Right! 

Turquoise Plaited Chain Trim T-Bar Jelly Sandals

Could you tell the steals from the splurges?

Are you glad that some of the trends featured are returning? 

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  1. Oh, so many cute shoes! Your posts are always so colorful and so fun.

    1. Thanks! I always like to experiment with different colors!


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