Friday, June 19, 2015

Favorite Modest Blogger: Happy In Heels!

Good morning! I hope everybody is having a great week so far. I would like to do  something different today. I have my first guest blogger making an appearance today who is a modest fashion blogger as well.   

Hi! My name is Margaret and my fashion blog is 

Because I am passionate about fashion, sometimes I find myself looking back and wincing at a bad outfit I wore long ago. 
But I try to correct myself because God does not want us to live in sorrow (or embarrassment!) over mistakes we have made, whether big or small. 
My little message to you is look forwards, not backwards, because the future is bright! 
God wants us to acknowledge our mistakes and then move forward because our life is short and precious!
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Lanae Bond 


  1. Beautiful dress and the horse is a cutie. :) Hopping over to the fashion blog.

    1. I am sure she will enjoy hearing from you! Thanks for stopping by!


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