Monday, June 29, 2015

Modest Monday: How to be Modest and Cool Part One

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Untitled #674 by lanaebond featuring a shirt-dress

Shirt dress

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Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a great weekend because I really did enjoy seeing my older cousin finally get married! I enjoyed seeing all of my family especially on such a happy occasion.  I also  enjoyed the wedding  even more because I was able to find a modest outfit that could help me through the hot weather we have in the south. It took me a while to find a outfit that achieved both.

Sometimes people who wear modest clothing believe that they cannot find modest clothing that is not  hot to wear in the summer. But there are a few tips to beat the heat and be modest at the same time. The tip I am focusing on today  is choosing a light and airy fabric which. Here are a few fabrics that are great for keeping you cool and modest too!



Cotton by lanaebond featuring Superdry

The most common natural fabric and is a great staple to have in your closet especially for the summer.

H M red dress
$20 -

Ankle strap shoes
$39 -

Wilsons Leather clutch

Superdry sunglasses



Jersey by lanaebond featuring short dresses

A light weight yet stretchy material not only keeps you cool but is perfect item to take on your vacay.

H M short dress
$13 -

H M pink jacket
$39 -

Black pumps
$36 -

Pink purse
$25 -



This fabric is not natural but it is still cool and airy. 

Rayon by lanaebond featuring fake glasses

H M green dress
$24 -

Wedge sandals

John Lewis evening handbag
$50 -

H M short necklace
$20 -

M Co gold jewelry
$7.86 -



Even though this material is a luxury it is worth it if you want a  item to is cool to the touch. 

Uniqlo silk dress
$39 -

MANGO blue jean jacket
$47 -

HOBO patent purse

Chiffon Dress

Dorothy Perkins chiffon maxi dress
$55 -

Slingback shoes
$25 -

Aldo purse



For similar to denim but not as heavy which makes it a great alternative for denim. 

Chambray by lanaebond featuring a brown hat

Uttam Boutique shirt dress
$47 -

Yellow handbag

Roxy brown hat

What is your fabric to wear in the summer? 


Lanae Bond 


  1. That floral maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins is adorable! I can't believe how affordable it is. I thought it was going to be a designer piece. Another lovely linkup, Lanae!

    1. A lot of their items do look high end and often shocks me how inexpensive they really are! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. roundup* Sorry, I've been joining several linkups. *slaps head*

    1. It is okay sometimes I get a little confuse to when I join a lot of link ups, especially if the same people are linking up at multiple sites!


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