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Modest Monday: How to Style Graphic Tees!

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Ily Couture and Blush Accents

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Graphic tees one of the staples of spring and summer. Graphic tees are great staple because of the laid back ,comfortable, and lightweight feel to deal with the rising temps. If you are like me you have a lot of graphic shirts from your youth (especially high school and college years). At times I find it hard to style these  youthful tops with your more adult style. Today I had to face this issue and I discovered that my Tinkerbell top would look good with my pleated polka dot skirt and flats.  When discovering that I realized there are countless ways to style a graphic top and make it more adult friendly. Here are just some of my favorites.

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For the lover of athletic shirts try a bold colored skirt to give it a more fashionable look. 

Untitled #620 by lanaebond featuring a stripe tee

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Floral skirts and graphic tees perfect for this season. 

Untitled #618 by lanaebond featuring a black skirt

Black skirt

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Mickey Mouse and Maxi Skirt
Who does not love America's favorite mouse?!

Maurices long skirt

JuJu wedge sandals
$38 -

Abercrombie Fitch hat

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Layer Blouse and Graphic tee
What to layer up your graphic tee? Try a button up blouse. 

M Co long sleeve shirt
$37 -

H M plus size skirt
$38 -

Chase & Chloe red shoes

River Island sunglasses
$20 -

Graphic Tops
Graphic tops look great with floral skirts.

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Stripe skirts and graphic tops is my kind of outfit. 

Topshop mini skirt

Keds shoes

Graphic tee and lace

Basic Graphic Tee meets feminine lace makes this outfit sophisticated.

Stiletto sandals

H&m glasses
$6.09 -

Girl Meets Glam

A black midi and great accessories make a graphic tee more grown up! 

Graphic t shirt (similar

Black skirt

Dorothy Perkins pumps
$37 -

Gemstone jewelry
$20 -

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A white  graphic tee looks great with any skirt.

Blue Midi and Graphic Shirt

Uniqlo white top
$12 -

Vero Moda blue jean jacket
$31 -

Blue skirt

Quilted purse

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Haute Casual

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  4. I really like this post. My favorite outfit from this post is the one with the lace skirt . It's really cute.

    1. Thanks! I think the lace skirt outfit is my favorite too!

  5. I haven't tried the graphic tee + skirt trend yet. I think you just inspired a photoshoot idea...

    1. If you do wear a graphic tee and take a photo shoot, I am sure you will style it very well!

  6. Fashion observers say one of the reasons why the tee has made it to dressier affairs is the advent of hip, creative and impressive designs that lend a whole variety of looks to its classic structure.

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    1. You are so right there are many creative designs and some are more high fashion than what it use to be! Many have references to high end fashion designers or magazines, which makes it more popular for fashionistas! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an enlightening comment!


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