Monday, June 8, 2015

Motivation Monday: Embrace Change!

In life we have seasons. We all go through a spring, summer, fall, and winter. We experience joys in each season but also challenges.
 Do you trust God when your life starts to change?

Summer will be here soon (June 21).  And with these season brings a difference in the atmosphere. A lot of people will welcome this change. They will love the change in temperatures, the vacation days, and summer holidays like the 4th of July. They will enjoy the fellowship with friends and family.

Spring Sunshine iPhone Wallpaper
                                         Spring Sunshine iPhone Wallpaper (clipped to

But in our personal lives we rarely embrace change as something positive or look forward to it. We often struggle with any change that occurs. We try to avoid it, hide from it, run away, or even fight it.

I have personally fought changes that occurred in my life because I wanted to be in control. I wanted events to occur in my life at a certain time or a certain way. When it did go right  I would often have a pity party because things did not go my Way! But I came to the conclusion that in order for me to have joy and grow in life I needed to see change in different way.

 Just  like people view the summer season.  Most people  think of only the sunny days and enjoying the outdoors but forget that summer also brings storms. We can view those rainy summer days has a bummer or a nuisance or see it as an opportunity for growth or renewal.

Beautiful Flowers
Just like these plants grow and flourish, so can we!

Change is a part of life. Our family structure can change either with a marriage, a birth, or even death.
Our careers  can sometimes flourish, stall, or decline. As we grow older our body starts to change as does are status in life. How we deal with this change determines how we will do in life. If we embrace change will be successful but if we view it has something bad we will not succeed in life. If we see change has an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and increase your faith and strength we can never fail. If we believe that God has good days in store for you, you can rest in knowing your sunny days will return!


You can find strength knowing God does not change: Hebrews 13:8

Nothing happens by chance, God has a purpose for everything he created: Col. 1:16-17

We cannot allow change to separate us from God: Romans 8:38-39



Lanae Bond 

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