Monday, June 22, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Goodness of True Fellowship

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True Unity

The summer season besides the Thanksgiving and Christmas is probably when most people experience what they call fellowship. We have fellowship during the summer holidays, at family reunions, graduations, and weddings. At this type fellowship we experience what I call the three fs Family, Friends, and Food.  We all gather at tables and enjoy each other in conversation and good food. We usually do not meet together again with our family and friends until fall or winter holidays. This kind of fellowship is only seasonal and is not an everyday event. 

This is version of fellowship only hits the surface of what true fellowship is. If we dig deeper into the word of God we realize that fellowship should not just occur at holidays or in a fellowship hall but year round in other locations.  Acts 2:44-47 displays this sentiment. 

The people joined their goods together and sold them to help the poor and needy. I am not telling anyone to sell all their possessions but to be aware of the needs of others in the community and in the church. When a family is in trouble the church back then help their members with prayers, food, money, or support. Today we still can do the same thing for people that belong to our church or community.  Being united to help others is a key marker of true fellowship. 

Not only did help others but they enjoyed the time they spent together in church. They joined each other in prayer and worship. They rejoiced when others were blessed, healed, and delivered. But they cried when others lost their jobs, their family, homes, or when they were sick. They supported each other in thick and thin. They even enjoyed each other when services were over. 

The church fellowship did just happen at church but in their homes. They ate together and discussed their exciting activities of the week, the blessings of God, and even their mundane events. But they were united with one another. 

Since they were united God blessed them to have favor among the people. Saints that are on one accord with one another are walking testimonies of God's love. They show love not only to one another but to the entire world. An example of this can be seen in how families are joining one another in the wake of the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. 
-Would not it be nice to see such good support more often in tragedies? 

It amazes a lot of people who do not know God to see such love and support the people of that church are showing and being showed. Those who are not save deep down desire to see people that love and support one another. They also want that kind of love given back to them. This is how the number of the followers of Christ increased because the people saw a good support system that was not like anything they seen before in their lives. This is what the goodness of true fellowship is about bringing people to Christ. For having a relationship with God is the best fellowship a person can have. 

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Lanae Bond 


  1. Fellowship is so good for a person in so many different ways - I hope we can find reasons to create fellowship opportunities throughout the year instead of waiting for a 'special' reason like the holidays!

    1. Fellowship does have its benefits! I think more people (including me)can find fellowship opportunities with we just take to time to spend with others.


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