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Soul Saturday: Letter to a Young Girl!

Letter to a Young Girl!

Dear Lanae,

 You are 12 years old and in the award stage where you are not a teen are really child. You are often left out and you really do not know why. You feel that your friends have abandoned you because they are not speaking to you. You may not know this by one of them is having a hard time themselves. 

You are often bullied and teased because of your weight but nothing is wrong with your weight. Yeah,  your not skinny but you're not obese either. When you look back you will realize that and wonder why you felt so bad! 

Your teachers do not seem to care about the bullying you experience. But your parents care and are doing the best they can to end that horrible situation. You may feel embarrassed that they intervened but you will be thankful because it kept you from being physically armed. 

Your situation looks  terrible but 
things will get better, I promise. Here are  a few things I want you to know. 

You Are Fearless

fearless girl

Remember how fearless you were as a child. You believe you could be anything including an firefighter, tightrope walker, and a ballerina. As child you had really no fears in failing. You were a resilient person that regardless of your mistakes or failures you would try again. Do not forget that you are still that same person. You may have had some hard times that really hurt or embarrassed you but do not give into fear. Believe that regardless of any set back, God can set you up again, just trust and believe in Him! 

Intelligence is a good thing! 

I know you are often picked at because you are smart and love to read.  Is not popular for a person to excel in school. A lot of kids in school do not understand why you love to read so much or even love to learn.  Some may be even jealous of it but for whatever reason do not dumb yourself down to fit in.  Work hard as you can and use what God gave you. There is nothing wrong with being smart as long you realize the source of it! 

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Embrace Your Physical Flaws

I know it hurts when people talk about your looks. You get sick of people talking about your big eyes or your sandy colored hair. People talk so much to the point you wished you could change your looks. Embrace your "flaws".  Never apologize for your looks because there is nothing wrong with you.   Love your moles, love your freckles, and everything else.  If you have to explain to them why you look that way tell that is how God made your and you like the masterpiece He created!. 


Do Not Try to Be Perfect

You often tried to be perfect and not say the wrong things. A lot of times you often find yourself trying to appease everyone with your words and make them happy. It is not your job to make them happy and please people. It is an impossible thing to do. 
You  have tried to do everything perfect as well but you are also a little clumsy which is why kids tease you ( do not worry you will grow out of it). But do not let that get to you because they knock stuff over and break things too. They are not perfect despite how they portray themselves.  

Dear Me

In your walk with Christ you will make mistakes and even sin. Do not beat yourself over it because it will make it hard to move on. Ask God forgiveness and learn from your wrongs. Learn that you are not perfect in your own strength but through God.  Also remember that 
 that God love you even if you make mistakes and do not do everything right. 


Your 27 year old self!

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  1. Aw. So heartwarming and encouraging. Very affirming. I love it. :)


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