Monday, July 6, 2015

Motivation Monday: Keep Calm God is with You!

God is with you!

The storm is raging and their boat is tossed back and forth. Water is now filtering into the boat  and despite all of their best efforts the water keeps coming.  These men panic when looking at their situation.  They pray and cry out because they fear their lives may be  lost.
Do you ever panic when you are faced with trouble?

Your trouble may not as dramatic as the scene I described but you have experienced a situation that made you fear. Whether it is sickness, a loss of a job, or a family member in trouble you have been worried. You may have felt alone or if God was not answering your prayers. That is the possible feeling that the disciples faced in Mark Chapter 4.

If you probably have not guessed already the scene I described earlier was about the disciples and the storm they experienced while following Jesus Christ. Most people have this concept that when they dedicated their life to Christ that everything is going to be perfect. All days will be sunny and storm free. But if you read Mark 4 you know that following Christ does mean that some days will not be a piece of cake!

After following Jesus and hearing Him preached the word of God. They got into a boat and of course a storm came. At that present time Jesus was asleep. In our times of despair it may seem that God is asleep. But fear not He is not only awake but He knows what it going on. He knows the trouble you face and He hears your desperate cries you make to Him. Be encouraged because God will never leave you or forsake you. He is right there in the midst of your storm.

The disciples realized that they had Jesus Christ on board. They ran to Him because they knew He would encourage them. They  had confidence in Him or even in His presence. We may be at our wits end about a situation but do not lose your faith in God. He is a God that never fails and we can always go to Him when we were in despair or lonely!

They let Jesus know their fears about the situation. He arose and spoke to that storm. He told told the storm to peace be still. At His word the storm stopped!

Mark 4:39

 We serve a God that is powerful to not only help us through our storm but to stop it! Our storms may roar and the thunder may boom with strength but God is powerful enough to stop even the worst sounding storms.  Be calm and know that even in the worst storm God is with You!

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  1. "We serve a God that is powerful to not only help us through our storm but to stop it"
    I love this!! Very well said

  2. Love this!! God is faithful and will be with us through the entire storm and while it may rage around us, HE gives us calm. He can calm or even stop the storm!!

    1. God is good isn't He! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm such a worrier. It's in a sadly obsessive way. Thank you for this important encouragement today. I have that peace sign in my office :). I think I need to post the verse you shared in there as well. What a perfect reminder!

    1. I sometimes worry too much too! That's why I wrote it not to only to encourage someone else but to remind myself! I think having a sign like that in a office is a wise thing to have as reminder of what peace is! I am glad you enjoy the post and verse!


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