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Soulful Saturdays: What is a Good Friend?

What is a good a friend?

He  befriended  a person that society once considered a nobody but suddenly rose to fame. 
 Evcn though his new found friend was to be more successful than him he bore no jealousy.   He showed this by even giving him his best things to him.  When his father hated  his best buddy because of his fame , he stuck it out with his friend despite what his father would do to him. 

In our society it is so rare to find a friendship like the one above. There are so many factors that prevents human beings to form such a tight bond with one another. First and far most people now move from place to place  more than ever. It is hard to build a relationship with you live many miles away. Relationship now often form online but seems hard to maintain it in person. People sometimes show only one side on social network and leave out all of the gritty details of their personal life.  Others who do have face to face to relationship often have ones that are not really deep and personal because of fear of commitment or truly showing their true selves.   It is sometimes hard to remember what a good friendship really is based on viewing them in the scope of our society. 

Friendship Bond

What I based the meaning of friendship is from the word of God because it is the best example we have in this world. When examining the friendship I described in the first paragraph this is one I feel is a great example of what true friendship is. David and Jonathan had a friendship that most people would love to have but do not. So lets examine what a Good Friendship is. Samuel 18:1-6 is a great to start off at. 

In 1 Samuel 18: 1 Jonathan after seeing how David behave and acted towards his father Saul, he instantly felt a connection.  Some of time when we befriend a person we go based on how they look. If they are especially pleasing  to the eye or are popular we mostly want to be friend them. But Jonathan did not befriend Jonathan based on his popularity but his character. A good friend has a good character more so than good looks. 

David was so brave, confident, and modest. This made Jonathan to look past the fact that he was a shepherd boy, young,  and little in stature and weight. He was not the person you automatically want to sit with at lunch. But his character outshone his physical appearance.  He was also friendly. 

We all want to be around people that are friendly and kind to us. But we sometimes we have to show our shelves friendly to others. Friendly people attract other friendly people, that is something to keep in mind when desire to have friends. 

David was not only a good friend but so was Jonathan. Jonathan made a great sacrifice by giving him his best garment and weapons.  He was a selfless person that was willing to give his prized items to his new best friend. This gesture is also symbolic showing that David was to be the soon King instead of the apparent heir Jonathan. I really do not know anyone that would be willing to give his inheritance to his friend. How often do we show our love to a good friend? Sometimes you got to show  you love a friend more than just telling them how you feel. 

Jonathan was also a loyal to David. When Jonathan discovered Saul's plot to kill David ( 1 Samuel 19:1-7), he told David of the plot. He would go to his father Saul and tell him how good a person David really was and tried to remind him of the good David did.  Jonathan does succeed for some time to calm his father from trying to get rid of Saul.  A true defends us when people lie or try to damage our integrity. 

Even when David was on the run from Saul (1 Samuel 20) , Jonathan remained loyal to him. Despite what Saul felt about David or told Jonathan about David he did not deny his friendship to him. Some fair weather friends would turn their backs on a friend when they were are in trouble. They pretend to act like they do not know you until the weather is all clear. You know you have good friend if they are with you in your storm!

I admonish you if you have a good friend or are a good friend pray for your relationship with your friends because good friends are a gift from God! 

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