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Summer 2015 Wardrobe Staples

Summer 2015 Wardrobe Staples
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This summer I have shown you clothing that is been trending for this year. But if  you have want to know any of the wardrobe basics you might need to take you through the rest of Summer 2015 here are a few items that would be handy!

Summer 2015 Wardrobe Basics

Therapy body con dress
$38 -

T shirt
$7.75 -

H M jean jacket
$47 -

Topshop sneaker
$34 -

ASOS retro glasses
$18 -

1. A fringe bag is one if the hot items trending for Summer 2015.  This bag is what I consider an essential because it will come in handy for Fall 2015 when the 70s fashion will be in full force.

2. Denim anything is trending for Summer 2015. But a jacket will come in handy especially if you want jacket to transition you to fall.

3. A maxi dress is great for this summer and many summer after because maxis will always be around for summer. But a stripe maxi is a plus because stripes are not only trendy for this season but I good item to have any season. The basic black and white print makes it easy to dress it up or down.

4. A plain tee especially a cotton one is great to help you deal with the rising temperatures that come with summer. A plain tee can be dress up or down.

5. Retro sun glasses are  not only trending now but are great item to have in the summer especially on a sunny day!

6. White sneakers or trainers were really popular in the 1980s  but seem to come back every year. The reason for this boomerang trend is because they are basic and look good with a variety of other staples such as a denim skirt, maxi dress, or even midi dress. PS. Don't worry that you have to put your white sneakers away for the fall because you can still wear them with your fall wardrobe!

These items are great because not only are they trending for 2015 but are basic staples that you can use for seasons or years to come!

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  1. A plain white tee is so versatile. A must have for everyone.

    1. Plain white tee is very versatile! You can wear with jeans or dress it with a cute maxi skirt! There a lot of ways to style this basic summer wardrobe! I believe it is a must have for everyone even if they do not know it!

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  3. These are all great summer picks! I am waiting on a pair of Converse sneakers that I got monogrammed and its taking forever, I hope they come SOON! lol! Those sunnies are too cute.


    1. Thanks! I love the idea of getting sneakers monogrammed! I never really thought about doing that! I can see why you are happy to get your shows back because they will look so cool when you wear them! Please posts of the sneakers if you get a chance!

  4. You picked lots of great items! I think maxi dresses are wonderful year round, I really like mine! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks! I love my maxi dresses too! And I can't wait to wear my latest one!

  5. Excellent pics as usual, Lanae. The only item I don't have in constant rotation this summer is a pair of sneakers. I just haven't figured out how to work those into my style and preferred aesthetic yet (beyond the gym).

  6. Thanks Elizabeth! I know it can be hard to incorporate sneakers into your outfits, if you have not worn them often.


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