Thursday, July 23, 2015

The It List: My Favorite Fall Shoes Part 1

Fall Footwear

I really am not a fan of posting early about things that happen in the next season. I know that it  is a blogger carnal rule but I often break it!  But this time I could wait until Fall to discuss my favorite shoes for Fall 2015. Some of the shoes I seen on the runway look very crazy and not easy to wear in real life ( I am talking about you furry mules!) But I did see some standards that I would not  mind wearing this year.

Shoes 1

Mary Janes 

My first favorite shoe are Mary Janes since a little girl. Mary Janes are not just for girls but grown women especially when it is a form of a high heels such as pumps or stilettos. Mary Janes to me are one of the most comfortable and versatile (from flats to platform maryjanes)  that  women can own.

Shoes 3

Ankle booties

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots are one of those good things the Brits have giving us. I  love this old standard  (emphasis on old since it came out around the 1800s !)  because they are comfortable and fashion forward.  Chelsea boots are very versatile and can be worn in formal and casual settings.

Shoes 2

T Strap Heels 

T strap heels was popular in Fall 2014 and has came back this year.  But this cute shoes has been around since the 1920s!  I think that is why I really love the t strap heel because I like vintage things especially from the 20s.  I also like how they are sophisticated. Those who are not a fan of peep toe pumps or shoes that expose too much of the foot would appreciate this shoe.

What are your favorite shoes for Fall 2015?

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