Thursday, July 9, 2015

This or That: Summer Trends

Yellow Floral Dresses
One of these sunny floral dresses costs over $200 and the other 80 bucks!
Can you tell which is which?

Good morning! I hope everyone has been having a good week! There are a lot of trend for the summer. I have found trendy items at low prices. But can you tell it from the more expensive items. 

The Winner is the dress featured on the left!

Tahari Shift dress with abstract floral pattern


                                  Tahari Shift dress with abstract floral pattern (see more print dresses)

Chambray Shirts
Chambray is popular because it is very cool fabric to wear in the hot heat! But is also comfortable! Which is these cool and comfortable shirts cost $18.

The shirt on the left is the Winner!

Aeropostale Long Sleeve Battenburg Lace Woven Shirt

Chiffon Tops

Chiffon shirts are also great for the summer time! 
Which one of these shirt is the steal?

The Winner is the one on the Right


H&M+ Chiffon blouse

Pink/Red Color Block Clutches

Envelope clutches in bold colors are cute for the summer!
One of these clutches costs over $200 and the other $45
Do you know if which is the splurge?


The Winner is the clutch on the right!

Sole Society Kerr Colorblock Envelope Clutch


Nude Lace Skirt

                                    Lace is not only perfect for spring but great for summer.

                                                                  Which skirt costs $26? 


                                             The Winner is on the right!

H&M Lace skirt


White Skirts
                                        White skirts are and cool to wear in the summer.

                                          One of these skirts cost $170 and the other $42.

                                            The Winner is the skirt on left! 


White Pleated Midi Skirt

                                            White Pleated Midi Skirt (see more silver pleated skirts)


                                                                        Lanae Bond 

                                                                    Stylin In St. Louis


                     Sincerely Jenna Marie          



  1. WOW ! you did some excellent homework !
    love these pieces and how you inspired us to do some searching before we splurge on a piece when we could save on something that is SO similar.
    Thanks for linking up to WEARING WITH WISDOM !
    it's such a treat to have you join us :)

    1. Thanks! It does take me time to find pieces that look similar to high end products! But the time is worth it if it helps people to save money. And it is treat to be linking up with your blog!

  2. Such perfect examples of how you don't need to spend a lot of money to look good!! jodie

    1. Thanks! I am firm believer in budget friendly fashion!


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