Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to School: Saturday Sales

Back to School In a Denim Skirt
Back to School In a Denim Skirt by lanaebond featuring writing pencils
Cute look right!? Check out!
They have a lot of denim fashion.

Forever 21 top

Plus size baseball tee
$23 -

Navy camisole
$36 -

H m sneaker
$23 -

H M flap backpack
$39 -

Writing pencil
$16 -

College students and high school students about to start the new school year. With  a new school year coming it means students have to do a lot of shopping for not only new supplies but clothing.  And if you like saving money on your clothing you have to look out for sales.  The three stores featured today are just a few of the  stores having sales clothing and many other items on sale that you need for this new year!

                                          Sale ends Today! BOGO ends August 10!

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