Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Motivation: God is on Your Side!

God is on your side

A lot of times I feel overwhelmed especially when problems arise.  Sometimes I pray and pray and I still feel helpless. I then begin to wonder is God on my side?

At times when people come against we often feel afraid. This is especially true when a person appears to bigger or stronger than us. We can feel intimidated by their size or even the threats that make against us. We panic thinking that surely they will win because we are the underdog. We often believe that we will lose the battle with our enemies because of our lack of strength or power.

 Sometimes we ponder this when we see others prosper. When others get promotions for their good works and we are still at the same place as we were before.  I know I have often thought to myself when I am going to get any recognition for my hard work and dedication. We all at times probably thought should we continue to do a good work even when we are not getting any praise?

We have all probably experienced those same feelings. Especially  if we are not getting what we want or if we we are in trouble for a long time. We has humans often become anxious when things go awry. When situations last for a long time it often wears down the strongest of people.  The longer the problem last the more it wears down a person's' belief that God is for them. But what does the Bible say about God and when we are in trouble?

— Lanae Bond (@LanaeBond) August 31, 2015


We should be dismayed when God tells us to do something. He promised that He will be with us in our problems and our situations. We must know we never will be alone when facing trouble. So we should not be afraid and paralyzed in our fear.

What else those the Bible have to say about God and facing our enemies?
When we have problems we should always go to God, no matter how small or big. We should confess that we are helpless and we need God when people are coming against us. A lot of times people feel that they cannot tell God everything but we should be able to because He already knows. God knows every problem we have and He wants us to let Him be involved in our lives. God want us to give our problem or problems to Him so He can give us the strength to get through it. We should never take our eyes off God especially when were are in trouble and people coming against us. God is the only way you can overcome over your enemies.

What about when things seem too hard for us to continue to do good?

When faced with doing the will of God, we should continue doing a good work because God will give us the strength to do it. If we are doing a work for God, He will equip us with what we need to do His will. We should also do good because God has done so many good things for us. Sometimes we have to remember the blessings God has done for us. We should never do God's work grudgingly but serve with gratitude for what He has done. Remember God is continually working out things for us and sees our hard work. Don't stop doing His will because you have not been blessed or awarded by any one yet. For God's blessing is worth more than anything a person can give you! Just wait and continue to serve God because He is on your side and you will never lose with Him.


  1. Great post! Too often we glance at the task before us and wonder how we'll ever get through things. The problem is we think about tackling it in our own strength. God moves in unexpected ways and makes the impossible possible! God is so good!

    1. Yes He is Good! He gives us strength when we are going through things. We just have to rely on His strength and believe He is on our side!


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