Monday, August 3, 2015

Motivation Monday:Speak Life

Speak Life

                                                           Speak Life by lanaebond on Polyvore

A person's words can hurt you despite that old rhyme we learned in school.  Hurtful words can wound a person just as much as psychical wound , maybe even more so. Just ask adults in this world who are in bitterness were their behavior comes from and they probably tell you a word spoken to them years ago. Some may even say something an adult said to them when they were a child.

Just last Saturday afternoon a person spoke disparagingly to me. Their words brought up all hurts and pain from my past even from my childhood.  I then said out loud "I was a failure" because their words to me proved I was incapable of doing right.

I allowed those negative words of that one individual make me  feel so inferior that I spoke negative words on my self! My mother heard me talk down to myself. She told me remember the encouraging words someone spoke to you and speak those things. My mother is often my cheerleader in life  because you speaks encouraging words to me often. Her words often snap me out of my funk and this time it was no different. I decided that I would speak life in spite of the  negative things someone tells me. 

  There a lot of people in this word who allowed the negative words spoken to them a child be the reason for their unsuccess and displeasure with life. Those negative words caused them not to reach out for their goals or dreams in life. Yes, your words are that important to your success in  your life. The words you speak can motivate you to fulfil your goals in life. 

Proverbs 18:21

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those who eat its fruits.

Death may sound like a strong word but lets be honest if you continue to speak negative words over your situation you are speaking to death. You are speaking defeat and failure if you speak negative words. If you want to overcome a situation you have to speak life. Mediating or murmuring on positive words may be what you need to get out of a tough situation or through one.  Tell yourself when you are having a hard time," I can make, or I will get through this"!

Speak those good words to yourself often because you have to hear positive words in order for it to get into your mind and spirit!  There are so many scriptures that you can speak out loud to help you through your circumstances. Read verses based on what you may be experiences in your life. If you are sick read scriptures about healing. If you are depressed read scriptures of joy and peace. Whatever situation you are in there are verses in the Bible about it.  Reading those verses will not only help you to overcome but build up your faith and joy.

Motivation Monday


  1. It's no coincidence that I was linked up next to you at Soul Survival! The Lord led me to write a blog post this week about conversation. Your post, was a perfect addendum to read! :-)

    Thank you for sharing your insights and encouraging us to speak life to ourselves and to others using the Greatest Words of Life.

    1. It is not a coincidence! I love how things work out. I am so glad you enjoyed my post and that we are neighbors on the Soul Survival linkup!

  2. It amazes me what someone else's words can do to me. It actually changes how I view myself! How wonderful you have a cheerleader mommy to lift you up. I so agree with this: "Whatever situation you are in there are verses in the Bible about it." I'm really trying to learn to turn to His Word more. I want it to just be an automatic habit in those moments :).

    1. Turning to God's word when I am going through a situation is something I am learning to do more of. A lot of times we often go to God last instead of first in our troubles. It takes time to learn to go to the Word first because our human nature will not allow us to do it. So do not give up and keep trying to read God's word in any crisis or problem!


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