Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Top 5 Fall It List

Pre Fall It List

Hint: Some of the items  featured above are on the my list! 

H M lace top
$23 -

Anastasia red coat
$47 -

Oasis red skirt
$23 -

River Island suede boots
$50 -

Crossbody purse

Good morning,

Summer is still here but I am already thinking about fall! I enjoy the trends that are worn in fall just as much as the ones for summer. Summer 2015 has some great trends but the Fall 2015 trends to me are even better. I love the rich colors and the soft fabrics that are going to be seen and worn in fall. This is such a short list of my favorite fall fashion trends just to give you a taste of what is in store for fall.

Pre Fall It List

Simon Jeffrey red jacket
$39 -

Dorothy Perkins skirt
$39 -

H&M ankle boots
$39 -

Saddle bag
$25 -

1. Red Coats
 Red fashion was seen often on the Fall 2015 runway. Designers had models wearing red boots, red ,dresses, and red coats. With Marsala being 2015 color of the year, it is not hard to predict that red will be worn this fall. So red coats are just one of the items you probably see in stores for this fall.  Red coats are a good investment piece because it is such a bold item to wear especially with a black and white outfit or even tan.

2. Saddle Bag

This summer we have seen fringe bags and bucket bags being on a lot of fashion sites list for popular bags. Those bags will still be popular in Fall but saddlebags will also be  on The It Bag List. Saddle bags are great because they versatile and can be worn with a casual outfit and and a dress outfit. Be on the look out for saddle bags in leather and suede material.

3. Suede Skirt

The 70s fashion will not despair once fall comes, so just embrace it. A suede skirt is one of the items you can embrace. A suede skirt will keep you warm on those cool autumn days.

4. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots never really seem to go away. Last year ankle boots were trending but the ankle boots seen this year will look somewhat different. Ankle boots with block heels are making a comeback. Which I am happy to hear because block heels are a lot easy for me to walk in.

5. Baroque Jewelry

Baroque was big a few years back and has made a revival. Chanel, Gucci, and Givenchy has brought this trend back to life.

What Fall Trend for 2015 is on your It List?


Lanae Bond 


  1. Cute pieces! I really like those River Island booties! Ankle boots are definitely my favorite kind of boot for cooler weather so I'm sure I'll be wearing those a lot. Hopefully they're no longer a trend and just a classic item now!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks! I love a good ankle boot too! I have a tan pair similar to the River Island boots. I absolutely love wearing those boots and can't wait to pull them out for fall! I wish ankle boots were considered a classic item too because those types of boots are my favorite kind!

  2. Gorgeous. I'm a fan of boho fashion. :)

    1. Thanks! Since you are a fan of boho style, you will be happy to know that most brands will be having boho fashion in their collection! So enjoy seeing boho fashion and wearing your bohemian chic outfits!

  3. LOVE River Island and Dorothy Perkins !!! I think I was made for the UK instead of US.

  4. Yes, sometimes I feel the same way! Those two stores are my favorite because they have some classy and budget friendly clothing. I wish they had those stores in the United States!


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