Monday, September 14, 2015

Motivation Monday: Do You Want to Be Happy?

Do You Want to be Happy?

Mizuhara Kiko for Cher magazine

Good Afternoon!
I am going to keep it short because I am just getting back from my vacation and I need to unpack!

What makes you happy? Is it money? What about having success in your life? Does the smile of your children make you glad? A lot of times we appreciate the things of this world but rarely give credit to the one who made those things or people possible.

God is the one the who blessed you with money or the ideas to earn a living. We has humans often try to pursae things to make us happy. God is the source of happiness. A lot times we spend so much time doing other things that we think brings us happiness but what happens when it is gone or when it changes? We often based our happiness on our successes or the easy times. We often base our happiness on things that can change.

But what if we make a choice to be happy! To make a choice to serve God and enjoy how awesome He is! To stop chasing after things that make you feel empty or those who are not good for you. It is time to put those past hurts behind you! Give whatever problem you have and give it to God! Mediate on His goodness instead of the problems that you have! That is the one true way to be happy!

Phil. 4:8


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