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Motivation Monday: The Secret to Happiness!

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The week before last I was on top of the world when I wrote Do you Want to be Happy. I just gotten off vacation and really did not think too much about my circumstances. But when I got back home I was faced with reality again!  

That reality has gotten me frustrated a lot recently.I have for a long time be desiring for more stable and full time employment.  I have been filling out a lot of job applications especially in August but have not heard from any.  If you have ever been looking for work, you know that filling out applications and doing resumes is a job and can get tiresome. This is especially true when you put all you have out there and have not gotten any response in return. This rejection has gotten me upset and discouraged.

 On top of that I see classmates with their dream jobs and looking happy. That really did not a make  feel good about my life. I started to compare my life to what someone else has. Comparing yourself makes you feel even worse about your life. It also makes you dissatisfied with all the things you have in your life. This is exactly how I have been feeling lately.

Doing my course of reading I have came across articles, blogs, and daily devotions that I focused on something that I seem to be lacking, contentment. Contentment is a word that few people use or even know what it the word really is all about.

Being content means to be in  state of satisfaction or happiness. If you want to be happy you have to be content. But to some, myself included, this may seem impossible to be content in any situation. One of the daily devotions that  I was reading focused on a person in the Bible who was content even in the most terrible situations.

Paul who is a devoted man of God writes to the church of Philippi to encourage them that he is okay. The reason for his letters of encouragement  is because he is in prison. The church was worrying about him and their lack of ability to help him in his need. He in turns comforts them by telling him that he is content.

It seems crazy for a man to say that he is content while being in a horrible prison chained to a mean guard. He is not content in the fact he is in prison but that God is there for him. He is satisfied with God being in his life and not his circumstances. Paul knew that his strength came from God and not the gifts the church sent him.

I hope that none of you reading this have experienced all the circumstances that Paul has experienced. But I want to encourage you that whatever situation you have to face you can be satisfied. Satisfied with your relationship with God more so than what is going on around you. That is what I am telling myself because I really do want to be happy and not miserable about my life!

 Because success, problems, and people come and go but God remains the same. Let your happiness being content serving God and doing his will. That is where the secret of happiness lays.

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