Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Sale: Get Ready for Fall!

Saturday Sale: Get Ready for Fall!

H M white top
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I hope everybody has enjoyed their weekend so far! I just want to apologize for not blogging Thursday. I was getting ready for an important event! It went well and I hope I have some good news later on about it!

Now moving on to today's post! On Labor day there were a lot of awesome sales some of which I was able to buy a few things (I am saving that later post at the end of this month!) from so great stores. But a lot of stores were not quite able to unload all of their summer stock, so some are still continuing to have sales.  H&M is one of those stores!

H&M have some great items that are 60% off! Not only is the price good for your budget but these items can still be used for fall! These are my favorite picks that can still be worn in fall!

They have sweaters under $30 ! Coats and boots under $50 and fall accessories under $20.There are also more expensive items but I only picked items in those price ranges for my blog!

Some of the items have already sold out most sizes but there are few that come in XL as well as others. There are still boots in various size still available including 9.5.

Also be on the lookout for camisoles and undershirts. Camisoles and undershirts are perfect for layering under a cardigan or a thin sweater.  A lot of stores are having sales on these items and you can find undershirts under $5 (some as low as $1.90!)

Saturday Sale: Get Ready for Fall by lanaebond on

For those who are shopping today, Happy Shopping! 

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