Monday, October 5, 2015

Modest Monday: The Two Best Dresses for Fall


Boots (see more rubber boots)
Who knew a shift dress would look good with rain boots? 

 Shift and sheath dresses are two of the most perfect dresses to wear for fall. The reason these dresses are great fall is because they are easy to layer because most are sleeveless. Also the length of these two dresses also make it easy to layer. Both dresses are usually knee length or midi length.
 I have a few pictures to inspire you to layer your so called summer dresses for fall!

Tips on Layering for Fall

Even though sheath dresses are more form fitting they can be layered.
Try a chambray shirt under your sheath dress. 

Ways To Make A Turtleneck Look Cool |

A turtleneck  sweater or top can be worn under your shift dress.


Try a cardigan over your sheath dress,

Dress (clipped to

12 Ways to Style Your Rain Boots For Spring and Beyond | Babble
Tights are a must for layering a shift dress for fall,

Anh's All-Time Best Work Looks
A thin turtleneck blouse can be worn under a sheath dress. 

Sugar Plum…
A great way to layer your work dress for fall!

10 Ways to Wear Your Boots This Fall (and 15 Tips to Keep Those...
A blazer would look good with a sheath or shift dress.

Closer Look
You can multi layer both a shift and sheath dress.
Who says you can't wear dresses and stay warm for fall?!


  1. I love all these layered looks. You look so cute with your shift dress and the rain boots! Love it.
    Thanks for linking up with us

  2. I love shift dresses! Definitely my favorite shape since they show off my arms & legs but hide my straight middle!

    xo Michelle Paige

    1. I love shift dresses too! Mostly because they hide my curvy hips!

  3. I am loving the added boots and collars for some of these dresses, cute cute.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" link up
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

    1. I know I love collared dresses they seem so right for fall!


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