Thursday, October 1, 2015

The It List: Fall Shoe Trends Part Two

Fall 2015 Shoe Trends

This fall there are some really great trends that women can actually feel comfortable wearing in the cooling temperatures. 

Animal Print

For Fall 2015 animal print is considered a neutral. 
So there are so many options to wear with these bold shoes. 

Menswear Inspired

Menswear inspired shoes are perfect for the women that wants comfortable shoes to wear.
But these shoes can also be chic coming in bold prints and embellishments and flattering because their shape elongates the leg.
These shoes look great with a fun party dress, a midi skirt, or  maybe a pencil skirt.

Over the Knee

Of course boots have to be on the list.
Over the knee boots are one of the it boots for fall 2015.
Over the knee boots can be worn with pencil skirt (curvy girl style).
Those with an athletic build try tights that match the boots.

Color Block

Color block is a cool way to have two or maybe even three contrasting colors. 

the top fall shoe trends

Here are a collection of Fall Shoe Trends 

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