Thursday, October 29, 2015

This or That: October Faves

October Faves: This or That
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One of these orange and black bags are so popular that they are running out of them at stores!
Can you guess which is the steal?         

  Guess                                                  Guess

Good Morning!

I have noticed that certain items seem to really be popular this month. From sweaters to pointed flats all of them items have been featured in magazines, discussed on blogs, and other fashion websites. But some of the October favorite items featured are very, very, very expensive!

So as always I look for budget friendly look a likes that are not only pleasing to the eye but pleasing to the wallet! Here are some of my Favorite Items trending for October! Can you tell  budget look alike from the high end favorites?

Oxblood Pointed Flats

Oxblood is all the rage for fall

One of these beautiful oxblood flats are a steal, can you guess which one?

Guess                                                         Guess

White Sweater
White Sweaters are perfect for everyday but also the holiday season.
Which of these pretty white turtle necks is the steal?

Guess                                                                     Guess

Studded Cross Body Bags
Which one of these boho chic bags is not only chic but budget friendly?
Guess                                        Guess

Silver Strap Flat Text
Silver Strap Flats are perfect for the holiday season but which is the perfect price (under $30)? 

Guess                           Guess

Layered Sweaters

These Faux Layered Sweaters are popular because they give you the layered look but without all of the hassle!

Which Faux Sweater is also easy on the wallet?
Guess                                                                Guess

Orange and Black Hats

Since Halloween in this month a lot of people are loving the orange and black looks.

But which is of these festive hats are under $20?

Guess                                       Guess

Turtle Neck Sweater

Turtlenecks are not for the weary at heart!
But which of these sweaters would would not cause you to be weary of the price?

Guess                                                                                        Guess 

Bucket Bas
Bucket Bags are still popular this month.
But which of these popular bags are only $41.40?

Guess                                 Guess

Oxblood Bags
With Marsala being Fall 2015 color of the year it is no wonder that people love oxblood!

Can you guess which bag only costs $36.10?

Guess                                                                  Guess


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