Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Faves Cold Weather Essentials

Classic Cold Weather Essentials

Classic Cold Weather Essentials 

Cable Knit Sweater / Pea Coat / Ankle boots / Knit Beanie / Tartan Shawl / Waffle Knit Pom 
Pom Mittens

Cold weather items may not be needed for some just yet but there is no harm in looking for those essentials to keep you warm! I have been writing a list of essentials that I will need to buy or have ready for when winter finally does come.

 All of the items on my list are things that most women love to wear! So it is very hard for me to choose between the Classic look and the more Boho chic look.  So I am going to let the viewers decide which items I should invest in.

  • Cable Knit Sweater - Is classic item to have for cold weather.

  • But so is a Roll Neck Sweater- I love this type of sweater because it reminiscent of the 1970s and is great for layering.


  • Wrapped coat- is chic and stylish but 
  •  I would also love a good Pea Coat because it never goes out of style  


  • Beanies- are my favorite to wear for a casual look 

  • But for a more dressy look a Wide Brim hat is what I would wear. 

Ankle Boots

  • I love a good ankle block heel boot because it is so comfortable. 
  • Laced up wedges are also comfortable to wear.  

Layering pieces

  • I love layering a look with a scarf 
  • But a Fuzzy Vest would be something different.

  • And I am going to buy pom pom mittens regardless of which look I choose. 

Boho Chic Cold Weather Essentials

Boho Chic Cold Weather Essentials 

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Let me know which pieces I should invest in the comments!


Lanae Bond

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