Sunday, November 22, 2015

Monday Motivation: I'm Thankful for God!

I'm Thankful for God

Sunday morning I wake up feeling most miserable. All I could think about was what was wrong with my life. The closed doors of opportunities and endless rejection letters had me in the most foul of moods that day.  But when I went to church and heard the word of God preached I realized that I had a lot to be happy about.

I started to think how God brought me through school especially college. He enabled me to pass my classes and gave me favor.  I am thankful for how He protected me at school especially when I was alone. I am thankful for the times I thought I had no one around but I knew God was always there.

I started to think of all God has done for me and my family. How He has blessed us to be alive and to have good heath. I remember how God has gotten us through rough times growing up.
God has gotten me  through those times and supplied me and my family's every need.  How He blessed us with our family home. I started to feel a whole better mediating on the goodness of God. I realized that I had a lot to grateful about.

I came to conclusion to be thankful for God has brought us through and how He continually is bringing us through our trials. I also believe that if He did before He can certainly  did it again!

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#Blessings Bible verses and Christian Quotes (clipped to

So what are do you thank God for in your life?

I'm Thankful for...


  1. Amazing motivation! I felt like you, dissapointed with things in my life but I always have to remember the things God has brought me from! I'm thankful for family, I'm so grateful God gave me a loving and understanding family!

    Jasmine :)
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  2. Thanks! I thank God for a loving family too! I am glad that my family is understanding and always encouraging me! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving!


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