Monday, November 9, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Freedom in Forgiveness

The Freedom in Forgiveness

For many years I have been feeling bitter! I may not look like a bitter and mean grouch but deep down inside I still was holding on to the bad things that have happened to me. If you have been reading my blog you may know about some of the experiences I have dealt over the course of my life. Some people I was able to forgive but others I just could not.

I could not forgive them because for years they continually hurt me. I would not do or say anything to them but they still would go after me or my family. They seemed oblivious to the pain that they were causing me. They even seemed like what they were doing was not even wrong. What made things worse was that no one was calling them out on it!  To me it seemed that their was favoritism involved which prevented people from saying anything about the evil they were doing. That in turn caused me to resent those people as well because they stood by and did nothing.

But over the course of time God has been dealing with me. I am glad he did because I was starting to behave in the same manner that they were behaving. I became what I could stand the most, a bitter person! God has been showing me to forgive those who wrong me not because they deserve it, but because I need to be set free from the bondage of resentment!

If you are experiencing any of what I talked about, just know that you can be set free if you just realize a few things. The first you need to realize is that what you are dealing with is bigger than what you can see. Your battle with someone may seem like it is just psychical but your dealing with a soul, mind, and spirit that needs to be helped. That individual or group needs deliverance as well but they just cannot see it. So instead of fussing them out, pray for them. Pray that they will be delivered from their past. It may seem insane to pray for your enemies but it is God commanded us to do!


Those individuals that have hurt you are bitter and want to make others feel the same way they do. But don't allow their mess to become your issues! I now realize that I cannot help how others behave or feel but I can help how I react to them. So instead of letting them cause me to feel terrible or unhappy, I will maintain my joy and peace. I will continue to look to God for the love and support that He is and will always give me.
But if we continue to bitter we will be missing out on  the peace and love that God can give us. We will not have that fellowship that is most beneficial to us if we continue to walk in hatred. We do not want to be bond to those who hate us, when we can be free to love God. Just remember that someone has forgiving you for all you have done and He wants you to be free!  So do you choose to be free today?

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