Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This or That: Sweater Weather Part 2

This or That: Glittery Pink Sweaters

Pink is my favorite color so I had to include pink sweaters this time.

But which sweater costs under $40?

                               Guess,                                             Guess,  

I know some may not be sweater kind of people but winter will be coming soon whether we like it or not! 

So since I am not blogging tomorrow on Thanksgiving. I decided to push this post up. Because sweaters are needed. But what is not needful is spending all of your money on a sweater. So like all this or that posts can you guess which is the budget friendly item from the more expensive look alike. 

This or That: Stripe Sweaters

Stripe sweaters are a staple to have in your closet. 
Which of these staples is budget friendly?

Guess                       Guess

This or That: Turtle Neck Sweater
I love the color of these two sweaters
But which price is also something a budget finder like me will love?

Guess            Guess

This or That: White Embellished Sweater
I know some readers love embellished sweaters as do I so I knew I would have to include some today.

Guess                            Guess

This or That: Sleeveless Sweater

Sleeveless sweaters are great for layering. 

Guess,                        Guess

This or That: Cable Knit Sweater

Cozy Cable Knit Sweaters are a wardrobe staple but which of these is $50 bucks?

Guess                         Guess

This or That: Gray Sweater

One of these shirts costs over $200 and the other is $75?
Can you tell them apart?

Guess                         Guess

This or That: V Neck Sweater

I love v neck sweaters because there are so many ways to layer it.
My favorite way is to layer a button blouse under it.
But which of these v neck sweaters costs under $14?

Guess            Guess

This or That: Embellished Sweater

I think these will be great sweaters for Christmas. 
The colors are perfect. 
But which is the perfect price (under  at $23)?

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