Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Sales

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Good afternoon!

Today it seems that everyone is having a sale from items to furniture to clothes. But since I focus on fashion here are some of the  items on sale that I know you will love!

Veterans Day Sale


Veterans Day Sale

Veterans Day Sale

Veterans Day Sale

Dorothy Perkins 30% off Everything

Macy's Sale Ends November 11

Charlotte Russe 40% off site wide ends November 11

Nordstrom up to 40% now until the November 15

Forever 21 up to 50% November 11!

Kohl's One day Door Busters ends today

JCpenney sale November 11 at 11 pm. 

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If you do not choose to go shopping today, try to attend a event honoring veterans or just pay it  forward to veterans and their families in need. Show your appreciation to your family or friends who were or currently in the armed forces. Because even though this a day with a lot of sales going on that is not what this day is really about! 

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