Monday, December 7, 2015

Modest Monday: The War on Modesty

A War on Modesty

If you been on twitter within the past two days you probably saw some of backlash that Ayesha Curry got about talking about her preference to wear what she considers modest clothing. Mrs. Curry did get some praise but most came from people saying rude things about other women which is a whole another post that should be discussed.  But most notably people were offended she believed that dressy modest looked best for her or because they feel like her comments where some how bashing them. The reaction of some made me think that people really do have a problem with women wanting to dress modestly. But why do people have such a problem with women wanting to dress modestly?

The reaction of some of the people reminds me of the bigger issue at play. People have a problem with modesty because of their lack of understanding about what it really means. Yes, like Curry said it is about clothing but it is more about character. Having a modest character means being modest in  ones speech, spending, actions, and of course how one dresses. When a person has a modest character they will dedicate themselves to behaving and dressing that way. If a person believes in modesty they will be modest.  So how a person dresses can reveal their character and how they behave. But if modesty is more about character than why still are people having a hard time with it?

What is wrong with it is the world considers female modesty in particular in any shape, form, or fashion as old, outdated, and sexist (yes it all  mostly boils to that three letter word Sex).  People want freedom from so called  patriarchal laws that infringe on their freedom.  This is where the  general western view is less is more when it comes to fashion  derives from the whole freedom movement. But those who often believe in liberation from the laws often criticizes anyone that goes contrary  to that belief. So people declare war on those who like Curry want to be modest. They rant, rave, curse, name call, and throw bricks at glass houses. But that is what the world is suppose to do war against believers.

 It should not shock any one that people would have a problem  with what Curry said or any one who believes in a higher power and are govern by that power. The world is suppose to have problems with faith beliefs because they have not have a relationship with God. Those who do not follow God are going to have issues with the tenants of any faith. They are not ruled or governed by a faith but their own opinion. When any one tries to say their opinion is wrong or they do not agree they are going to lash back with all force. But their opinions unlike ours dictates what goes on in the world because they are the majority. For example, fashion even though it is including more modest looks, sex still sells. If any one hates the oversexed images in fashion, magazine, music, and television they are usually told to just deal with it because that is world operates.

But do we really have to just let sleeping dogs lie or do we voice our faith and beliefs just like Curry and not fear the opposition we may face. We should not be afraid to talk about our faith or our beliefs. We should not be ashamed to say I believe in God or that I let His world and my conviction tell me how to behave. We should not feel bad for wanting to be modest in our behavior or how we dress. We made a choice to live a life of modesty in a world that devalues or hates it. Just like others who criticize modest fashion and behavior want to be free to do what they want, we also want  to be free to live a life of faith without shame. So let us not waive our flag and surrounded our right to dress modestly but keeping fighting to be free to serve God in not only how we dress but how we behave.

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  1. I think just be who we are, don't have to have a label.
    Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog. Really appreciate it! Please join us today for Color and Grace Fashion link up!
    Keep in touch and take care!

  2. Your'e welcome and you so much for stopping by!

  3. Hi Lanae,
    Interesting's weird that this is such a controversial topic. I think that regardless of what faith you are, every woman should be comfortable and happy in what she wears. If showing less skin makes you feel great - wonderful! If you like short shorts - go for it! (On a side note, I did think it was kind of weird to have Nadja wearing a crop top and "see through twig-bandeau" in a modest photo

    1. It is a controversial topic because it seems that people get offended because each "side" is appearing to judge another. I know some our judgmental with what a person wears but others I just stating what they prefer to look like. If I prefer to wear what I think is modest clothing, I should be able to say I like modest clothes. But if person thinks covering up is not for them they can simply say that. I also thought what Nadja was wearing was kind of strange too but I guess the controversy and contradiction is what they wanted! lol

  4. Hi Lanae,
    I'm your neighbor at the RaRa linkup today! Fashion and clothing are topics for the ages, aren't they? I love reading history and can imagine what those who lived generations ago would think of what we wear today! Thank you for this thought-provoking post! Nice to meet you! :)

    1. Nice meeting you! Fashion and clothing are interesting topics and can really be controversial at times. Being a history major, I love studying and reading about clothing. It is amazing how something now that is considered old fashion now was something that was normal only fifty years ago. When ideas change and culture change so does fashion.


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