Monday, December 28, 2015

Motivation Monday: How to Keep the Faith for the New Year!

Faith in the New Year

For the most part people look forward to the New Year.  Before the New Year even comes  we make goals or resolutions for things we hope to achieve for the next year. We also have celebrations or watch in anticipation as the clock ticks to midnight.

But how many of us have a little bit of fear going into  2016.  We  do not know if  next year is going to be better than this year or if it would be worse. We really do not know what changes may occur especially those beyond our control. So how can we truly overcome this fear of not knowing what the future brings and keep our faith?

1. Read the Word 

One way to keep your faith is to mediate on the word of God. Each day we should find scriptures that motivate us to do better or to increase our faith in God. Hebrews 11 is a good scripture to motivate us to believe even though we do not see things happening yet. I often go to that scripture because it recounts some of the blessings God did for the men and women of God. Keep Romans 10:17 in mind.

2. Think Life

Think on positive things that have occurred in your life instead of rehearsing the bad things that have occurred. You have to let go of negative thinking because what starts in the mind will reach other areas of your life.  There are many studies that shows negative thinking affects our health, our relationships, and even finances. So if you want to a good year you need to start thinking on the word of God more so than your old problems!

3. Speak Life 

Do not go into the New Year telling yourself negative things. I know some bad things may have happen this year but it does not mean you have to say does same things will occur this year. Speak life over your situation believing that God will fulfill it. Always remember that there is life or death in the tongue. Whatever you speak you will reap it in life. 

4. Recount Your Blessings

We has humans often replay the loses in our life but how often do replay the blessings. I know that sometimes I go back and think on what God has done in my life.. A lot of times I really do not have to go to far in the past because God is blessing me right know to be able to be alive and healthy. You do not have to have a bunch of money or a new car to praise God, you can praise for being alive and well! You can praise Him that He saved you or that He gave you grace in mercy! Know those are things to thank God for doing! 

5.  Think on the Attributes of God

Who is God? God is the  beginning  and the end. He know all, so since He knows all He knows what your future holds. He knows what will happen and if He promised to fulfill something in your life believe that it will happen. Because Numbers 23:19 say He cannot live, nor does He need to repent!


  1. Thanks for these simple reminders to keep our focus where it needs to be for the new year, knowing that God is with us whatever the coming months bring! Happy 2016 to you!!

    1. Your'e welcome! Happy New Year to you too!


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