Monday, January 18, 2016

The "New" Chic Blouse You Should Try

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V-Neck Sweater Pussy Bow Denim Blouse Flared Pants (clipped to

I know I am posting later than usually but today was just one of those days! Hopeful tomorrow will be a little less crazy! 

But I do not if you are aware of this but the new it blouse  for Fall/Winter is actually something people have been wearing for a long time. Tie or bow blouse is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s but may have some ties back to 1920s. So when people say that it is new it is not! But despite that I still think it is cool! 

To me it classic, edgy, feminine, but  yet a little men wear inspired. I think that is why it so popular now because it represents what 2015/2016 is all about. Just look at the Pantone 2016 colors of the year and you know that this is a year of opposites. So look at my favorite blouse for this year and here are the reasons you should make it yours too!

Coat: gal meets glam blogger top dress skirt tights shoes bag make-up...

The bow blouse of course can be dressed up!

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Bow shirt    Red Skirt  Bags Tights  Shoes Coat 

But it can also be a little casual!


Skirt (clipped to

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                                  Chambray          Leather Skirt     Bag          Boots 

Bow tie outfit ideas|Must have for all chics' wardrobe!
This blouse can also be layered with a cardigan!
Bow tie outfit ideas|Must have for all chics' wardrobe! (clipped to

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                                         Bow Blouse   Cardigan  Skirts   Loafers

What I Wore... - Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell
It can be worn in a variety of colors even an eye catching neon.


They even come in cool prints.

V-Neck Sweater Pussy Bow Denim Blouse Flared Pants
It can also be layered under a v neck or round sweater!
V-Neck Sweater Pussy Bow Denim Blouse Flared Pants (clipped to

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                                                              Bow Shirt   Sweater   Skirt

So will you would wear a bow blouse?

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  1. I love these blouses! They are so feminine and chic!

  2. I love bow blouses, and have been wearing them a lot this season. Loving this inspiration!

  3. I am loving them too! I think I am going to invest in more of them so I can have more to wear this year! Thanks for stopping by Rachael!

  4. I'm loving the bows. Thanks for sharing!
    I found you at A Good Hue.

    Lexie Robinson

  5. Love that large bow look with a blouse! So cute!

    Mahogany Closet


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