Monday, February 22, 2016

Modest Monday: Confronting Immodest Fashion in the Church

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I just wanted to  apologize for not doing the schedule Friday and Sunday post. I am currently having problems with the internet. So I am using the internet at the library until I can finally get the issue fixed. I will try to stick to schedule if possible.

 Today I decided to talk about a event that made some headlines last week. Actress Meagan Good and her husband pastor Devon Franklin well promoting their book The Wait, faced a fan and her  open rebuke. She questioned and chided Meagan about her way of dressing and how it is immodest.
While I understand where this fans plead for modest dress, method and tactics were not.

She even stated that she was there for the sole purpose to chide her for her fashion. To me that means she planed to ambush her  in an audience full of people and internet viewers  including her husband. If we have an ought with someone we are supposed to come to them one on one not with others present.

 But if she doesn't listen bring in two or three. I believe thus us the right way because it is not only in the Bible but it makes it easier for a person to hear you out.  Making the matter more private allows for no distraction or less embarrassment. It also allows the person being confronted not  to have people defending them in their  wrong This is why this confrontation  was a fail because it wasn't back by the word God.

Even though I do not agree with how this audience member went about informing or trying to plead for modesty. I do agree that modesty is a sign of maturity in a true believer. If a person mind is truly renewed they will not only not behave like the world or even look like the world (Romans 12:2). To be transformed means to be a new person having no part of our past misconduct or even appearance.

I believe if we are to promote God and His word we should look the part. When people hear our message they should not be distracted by the fact our actions and way of dress do not match our words or vice versa. Our outer appearance should reflect our inner person. People may say that God knows our heart which is true but people do not know our heart. People rather we like are not judge us on our appearance. I think this whole public scene can be a example to us all they have to be careful that our motives match our behavior because no can see what we really have in our heart.


How would you confront a person about not dressing modestly who is saved?

Or have you ever been confronting your self?

Do you agree with the approach used at the event?

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