Monday, February 8, 2016

Single, Saved, and Dating!

Single ,Saved, and Dating

When you are single, saved, and dating you have approach it differently than most people. You have boundaries or guidelines based on the word of God and your personal abilities. One of the main core principle is that we are dating or courting to get married. So we have to make sure who we date that is  not only compatible but that both of us are serving God.This is what really sets us apart.

Before we even start an relationship we go to God about what He wants for us. We  ask questions  is this person right for us and should we continue in this relationship.We also see if it is a right time for us to date.  A person may seem right but they may not be right for us.We also should  continue to seek God and get to know Him first. We want to realize what God can do for us and help us to be a better person. Pray especially in times that you feel lonely or not willing to accept what God desires for your life. Prayer before you make any step!

When you do go on a date with someone make sure you do not lower your standards especially when it comes to your faith or your strength. Your date may be able to handle kissing or hand holding on the date but your may not feel comfortable with it. Speak up about it and let him or her (for any man reading this) know. If he or she doesn't respects your beliefs or try to uphold your standards in God is time to end the date or relationship.

Don't get caught up in the physical attraction, the romance, or being alone. Try date with your eyes wide open and see if your date's responses and behavior line up to the word of God. You want to make sure you are seeing this person in the right light and not trying to force them into your perfect man or women.  Also stay focus not to get so caught in the moment but make sure that person is what God want for you.

Society these days date for fun or pleasure with no way of leading up to the alter. To them marriage is not a good thing but something outdated concept or an act of bondage. But to a saved single who desires to marry they really see it as a representation of Christ relationship with the church. They date or court to marry who God desires them to marry. Make sure we  that are save keep God's ways when it comes to our relationships.

Dating is can be a great experience especially if you follow what God says is right for you. God only wants the best for you, so be patient and wait on God. If you keep a God focus view on dating or courting the wait will be worth it.

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