Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring 2016 Color: Fiesta

Spring 2016 Color Trend: Fiesta

Fiesta is supposed to be a spring color but can easily be worn in winter. Fiesta is the  perfect color for Valentine's Day! This spicy color is not like any other red because of its yellow undertone which I find it easy to combine with other colors. Fiesta stands out from all of the other Pantone colors of 2016  that are  more softer in nature. This color is vibrant and lively just like its name.

It pairs well with Green Flash, Snorkle Blue, and Limpet Shell which I will so later on. But this shade also looks perfect with animal print, light blue, purple, and orange.

Red Lace Dress


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Red and Animal Print



               White Button Down Blouse   Gold Heels    Similar   Red Skirt    Gold Clutch 


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