Monday, March 21, 2016

Motivation Monday: Finally Free

He gave His life to purchase freedom for everyone! 1 Timothy 2:6

When people celebrate Easter not many think about the significance of that event! It is often swept up in the celebration of spring. There is nothing wrong with celebrating spring but there need to be an awareness of that fact that a bigger celebration should be going on. The fact Jesus Christ died for your sins. There should be a total praise fest just on that fact alone. But it is hard to accept the fact that someone died in your place so you can be free! 

But if you believe in God you are finally free because of what Jesus did! In His death we have freedom from sin.  Because we have been redeemed, brought back from what we were enslaved too.  We no longer have to let sin overtake us.  On that note I praise God for everyday because I finally realize that I do not have to be in bondage to anything. Whether is peer pressure or fear we do not  have to let consume us.

So stay free do not go back into bondage to whatever was in your life. If you are still bondage you do not have to stay that way. Why stay in bondage when you can be free? Just believe in what Christ did on the cross for you and walk in it. Regardless of how you feel believe that you are free!

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