Monday, March 7, 2016

Motivation Monday: Keep Dreaming!

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As kids we dreamed big dreams! We believed we could do anything! When I was little I believed I could be a astronaut, a teacher, an artist, a baker, and so many other things.  But as we get older we often stop dreaming so big. We get a feeling as we get older that we have to be realistic. We reason that we can't do certain things based on our abilities, our age, gender, or maybe in race. But if God desires us to be in a position He will equip us with what we need!

Think of David,he was the youngest son in his family. Not the  first one in line for the throne based on the simple fact he was the youngest. He was also small and not the strongest young man in his family. Even his occupation was not the best! He was humble and yet smelly Shepherd boy. But God had him anointed to be King. God used him despite his lack of some qualifications.  If God wants to appoint you He will appoint you over those who supposedly more right for the job!

Joseph may have been his father's favorite child but he still like David was the youngest child in the family at that time.  But he had dreams that were greater than even what his parents could imaged for him. I mean it sounds crazy that you say "hey mom and dad  one day I will leader over you and you will have to come to me for help!" I really don't know how any parent would take that. I know siblings may not take it either. Because they  know your limitations, your issues, and your mistakes. They can't see you achieving some wild goal or accomplishment because they believe they know everything about you. But if God put that dream in you can achieve that goal!
So I don't care if your mother said you never win or overcome you do not have to accept it.

 Accept what God says about your future. Keep dreaming those dreams God put in you. Keep dreaming and believing those dream will come to pass. It may take years but God can do it for you. Don't give up if it does not happen in a week , month, or  even a year. Some good things take time, we may not understand but keep  your hope in God. Always believe the  Dreams God gave you will become your reality!

Will you keep Dreaming?


  1. I'm a big dreamer, and always dream of when my dreams will come alive. For now I have about 6 dreams, 1 for my kids, 1 for my husband, 1 for my parents and siblings, 1 for my inlaws, and 2 for me. I am hanging on to them for now until at least one of them comes true.

    1. Thanks good! Sometimes people think having that many dreams is too much! But I never believe in dreaming too much! I hope your dreams come true!


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