Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five Under $50: Blue and Gold

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Blue and Gold will be popular this year! I am glad that blue is being worn more because it is my favorite color. I love gold too but I usually thought that metallic has to be worn at night. But this year it is all about breaking some old school fashion rules. Tip: For a day look try to add some metallic accessories with your favorite outfit.

 I decided to add a nice blue dress with gold sandals and gold jewelry. This dress would be gold for relaxing vacation day or night look. It would also be a nice date night look or a day look with your best friends. 

Blue and Gold is one of my favorite color combos but it seems that it is not seen often! It think it is cool to pair such a relaxing color with such a rich luxurious metallic. I hope with metallic  and blue trending this year that maybe more people would combine these two different but beautiful  items together.

I am  looking forward to pairing my blue dress with my gold accessories!


  1. I love that simple blue dress! It's so pretty!

  2. Blue is a really nice, serene colour. Gold is just so amazing and looks great with anything. Would love if you can link up to

  3. I think that is why I love blue so much because it is serene! And gold does look good with a lot of items!


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