Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Motivation: How to Deal with Rejection!

Another rejection letter sent to her mailbox! With tears in her eyes she wonders, "why  won't  they accept me!" She then begins to doubt her self and her qualifications! "Well, I guess I am not good enough. I might as well stop trying to get in."  Have you ever felt those thoughts pop into your mind. Or even were bold enough to say them out loud. I know I have said those exact words time after time when ever some one rejected me. It was not until a few days ago I realized that I was dealing with the rejection in a wrong way!

Rejection is a hard thing to shake off because it attacks our identity. It destroys our self esteem and attacks the destiny for our life. That is why it is difficult to handle or to overcome. But it is something that happens to everyone. If  you ask every person in this world have they ever been rejected they will tell you Yes!  And those who are negatively affected by being rejected  is just as high!  Even though it is  common thing in life it  is not the will of God for you to feel rejected.

 God does not want us to feel rejected or forsaken that is not His will for our life.  He wants you to know that you are loved, valued, and that He has a good purpose for your life. Your identity and value is God ordained and has nothing to do with what  people say or by what you do. It has nothing to do with your job, your car,hair, or friends because those things are forever changing.  When  you base  your identity off of inconsistent things or people we will  always be let down. If you want to overcome the issues you have because of  rejection, you have to change how you see your self.

It is time to base your identity on the Word of God and not what people think, say, or do. You can't even best your identity on what you think about yourself because there are times when we do not see ourselves in the right light.   That is the only way we can change how we deal with rejection is by leaning and trusting what the Word of God says about us.

 When we become saved we get our new identity from God. We become changed, renewed, and restored from our old self. Once we are saved we  are not  supposed to base our identity on our old self or ways which is based off the world.  But  we are to put on a new one that is based on the finished and complete works of Jesus Christ. Now we are heirs, we are blessed (Ephesians 1:3) , we are righteous (Romans 3:22), and we are redeemed (Galatians 3:13).

First and foremost we are love by someone who will never take His love back! He will never leave or forsake us. So now rest in the fact that regardless of how many people reject you, you are loved by Jesus who loved you before you even loved Him!

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