Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation: Staying on Track

Are things in life causing you to skip off track? 

It is hard to sometimes stay on track and keep God first and foremost in our lives. We spend countless hours working or spending time searching for work. Parents spend time raising children and making sure their needs are met. Students take time to studied and learn lessons hoping that this will help them have a better feature. Teachers take time to plan lessons and teach their students their students everything they know. But if all that time dedicated to work, family, school, and what ever vocation we have been given; we have to have time for ourselves. But do we give the God the time He wants from us. We can't get sidetrack by the many tasks in life and put God dead last on our list of priorities. We must keep Him first in our life by seeking Him and mediating on His word. This is a key way to have success in our calling in life if we actually take time to talk to God about our life and His plan for us.

Not only is time an enemy to our relationship with God but so is getting caught up in what the world has to offer. Cars, trophies, scores, money, or even are own family and friends can become gods to us. We have to careful that we do not forget who allowed us to have those things or people in our life. God is the one who created us to make does things happen. So don't forget that He is the reason why we are blessed. Don't worship the creation and forget all about Creator. Our  blessings can become trappings when we do not have to the right prospective but so can the words of others.

In this world we live in there is a lot of opinions not all of them are helpful with our walk with God. Even the media can sometimes deflect you from what is really happening. Sometimes they portray that there is no hope or no possible solution to the problems that are going on in our community, or state, or our world. To them it is no hope when tragedy  strikes, which causes may cause believers to want to abounded our walk with God. Then there are some people who  pretend that they have the answer to all the worlds problems, if you only leave your path and go on another that they have found. Some famous figures in the world have beliefs that do not align with the word of God. Even preachers'messages may seem like they have a new revelation from  God but in reality if it does not agree with what the word says it is not from God.

We have to read the Bible ourselves and seek Him to see what God is telling is people to do and believe. We cannot lose our focus and start seeking things and people more than God. We can not allow any thing or any one to derail our life with God.  We have make up are mind  and be lead by God and His word for the purpose in our life. He knows what we are going to face before we even face them. He knows what's going on so  just  hold on to Him and you will get to your destination  safely. Because if you want someone to conduct your life you are in best hands with God.

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