Friday, May 13, 2016

A Family Affair in Edenton, North Carolina

Since my mom left her glasses at the eye doctors office, We decided to make a little trip out of it!

Welcome to Edenton,NC.

Deemed one of America's prettiest towns! 

A sign on the steps leading to Penelope Barker House porch.

The Barker House in Edenton, North Carolina

I can imagine that people never want to leave the porch!

Stop by at the gift shop they have some beautiful books, food items, and many more!

A  view of the water and the Magnolia Tree. 

 A views of the beautiful houses on the water front.

My mom wanted me to take pictures of your mother's day gift. She picked it out herself and she wanted to update her casual wardrobe. We decided to pull are money together and let her pick out her on gifts. She also brought some beauty products one in which was Essie nail polish (save that for another post)!

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Mom's Look 

She did not want to be the only one have her picture taken! So I took pics of my dad and me. Now this was not a planned photo shoot so our outfits are not color coordinated. Also I tried to make the photos look as organic as possible by allowing them to just be themselves and act normal. 

Dad's Look

To find out more about Edenton, North Carolina check out Visit Edenton!

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