Monday, May 2, 2016

Motivation Monday for Moms

I know that I am not a mother but I do have a very good mother and I know how hard it can be trying to raise another individual. Even raising a well behaved child there still some difficulties. But for those good mothers who are trying there best I want to salute you and encourage you.

Being a mother is hard but it also rewarding  because it is one of the best calling to have in your life.  You are helping to raise another generation of people to one day become leaders of this world. So it is something not to take for granted! And of course your labor is not in vain especially of those raising their children to become men and women for God.

I know that me and my sister would sometimes frustrate my mom because at times it seemed that we were drifting of course.  But keep on correcting your children because it will pay off in the long run. Keep doing the will of God. When you do a good job for God you will be rewarded for it. Even the most mundane of activities in your eyes is still doing a work for God. So keep on doing good even when you don't get a thank you because you are doing God work and His praise is the most important!

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