Monday, May 16, 2016

Motivation Monday: God Loves Me!

  When I heard that God loved me I did not believe it! I was so caught up in the fact of how I was treated in my life. I could remember was the mean treatment I received the taunts, harassment, and even physical assaults. I really could not get past the pain of those things. My mind would drift on those memories causing me to doubt. I really did not think any body could love me because of the treatment I had in my past. I even doubted the love and affection from my parents, sister, or the few people that did treat me kindly. So really did not believe God loved me because of the few amount of love I experienced in my life.

The bullying and even lack of affection shown at times caused me to feel that I was not worthy of His love because I never felt worthy. Being bullied can sometimes cause people to have low self esteem and value. Which was something I suffured a long time. I thought my value was in how people treated me. I thought if people loved and admired me than God most love me too! It was not until I read an book about the disciples that I realized even a person like me who is not the most popular can be loved and used by God. 

The disciples were not the most liked around. Matthew was a tax collector and that was not one of the most liked profession but yet God chose Him. Some of his disciples had bad tempers  so they were not perfect people. Peter had a bad temper (the guy who cut off a guards ear) but yet it was used. The others were not perfect either one in particular that was mentioned in the book I read was John. He called himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved !" I first thought he was a little arrogant because why would he think that he was the one out of all of the twelve loved the Jesus favored the most.

But that is not what he meant. Some thelogians believed that he firmly believed that he was loved by Jesus regardless of his flaws in which was believed to be in a bad temper. He knew God loved him in-spite of even how he was treated by others. That truth was eye opening to me to finally realize that God loved me even with my flaws or my low status in my life. My race, my education, my job, my gender, my last name, and my income does not matter to Him. God loved me so much that he gave His only begotten son so that I may be saved. So John 3:16 is a scripture that helps me to realize that He loves me. I hope that this scripture would help you to know God not only loves me but He loves you too! 

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  1. Beautiful post. And very true! God loves us unconditionally, it's incredible and I don't even think I can fully comprehend the depths of His love for us. It's wonderful to know what He thinks of us when we feel rejected by others.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I can't fathom it either but I thank God for it because there is no love like His love!Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes, He does! Thanks for also reminding me of this beautiful truth today.

    1. Your'e welcome and thanks for stopping by!


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