Thursday, June 30, 2016

This or That: Statement Piece

Untitled #1148
Both of these shoes are from the same brand. 

One just happens to be cheaper than the other! 

Guess              Guess 

Statement pieces don't have to be just jewelry, it can be shoes too! 

Summer is the time were people embrace statement pieces. Bold prints, colors, and designs are all the rage in summer. But this year seems to be a little bit bolder ( like metallic pieces for day time).  So here are some of my favorite statement pieces great for Summer 2016.  Just guess which is steal (cheaper) from the splurge. 

Untitled #1150

Boho Chic pieces are really popular this season. 

But which of these feminine maxi is the steal? 

Guess    Guess

Untitled #1149

Fruit jewelry and purses are trending right now because it embraces the tropical feel of summer!

Can you guess which is the deal?

Guess    Guess

Untitled #1151
Laced up shoes are feminine pieces sure to add some sophistication even with the most casual look! 

Which of these blue beauties under $60? 

Guess               Guess

Untitled #1152

Metallic Shoes are another trending piece to this year! 

Which of these golden shoes is the steal? 

Guess         Guess

Untitled #1153


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