Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five: Summer Vacation

Friday Five: Summer Vacation

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Womens Cream straw trilby hat • $30 (great to shield the sun from your face)
Ivory Lace Trim Edge 2 Edge Cardigan • Dorothy Perkins • $27 (a cardigan is needed for cool indoor events)
Embroidered pinafore dress • $60 (This dress is on point when it come to the embroidered denim trend)

I think I need a real vacation or just get away because my two last  Friday posts centered around vacation wear! lol
But any way I love how vacation outfits seem to be more fun and exciting than what we typical wear at home. Vacation wear is fun and fits the activities that we planned for that day. Most of them like this one can be worn for a variety of activities. This outfit would be good for going out to dinner, going to a concert, to a bbq, and many other indoor and outdoor events.

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Where would you wear this look at?



  1. Thanks so much for linking up On the Edge of the Week! I hope to see you again next Friday. Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. You're welcome! You will see me next Friday too! I hope you have a excellent weekend!

  2. I'm loving that cross body bag! This whole outfit is super cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup


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