Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mix and Match Vacation Style

Mix and Match Vacation Style

Embroidered Cotton Blouse •$39.99
Ivory Lace Trim Edge 2 Edge Cardigan• $27
Flats $47.99
Broderie Anglaise Cotton-Poplin Top • $50
Long Skirt - Black $12.99   Similar 
Sneakers - Black - Ladies • H&M • $7.99–12.99
Maxi Dress - Dark blue -19.99
Faded Indigo Skirt • $49.99
Wolf espadrille wedge • $75

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It was a nice break that I have from blogging! I enjoyed spending time with my family. Especially at the 4th of July Birthday party I attended in honor of my uncle. We had a lot of fun that day and the fun continued into Tuesday when we went of town and I got a little haul of beauty products (post coming soon!) . But for those who plan on going on a much longer break or vacation you may need some outfit ideas and tips about packing.

The last post I did I included some tips about packing and created a set of wardrobe staples great for a vacay. In that post how ever I did not show the many outfits you could make with those items. So today I decided show case a few looks you can put together based on the items above and events you may go to.

Untitled #1160
Going to a family event while on vacation? If it is a dinner this would be a great look to wear. You look not only ready for a special occasion with the fam. but will be totally comfortable. 

This maxi dress can be dressed down if you use any of the tops to wear over it or pair it with sneakers.

Summer festival look

This look would be great  for a summer festival or even a carnival. It is a comfortable look which is needed for walking around or standing for long period of time. This look is easy to duplicate because most people have a stripe shirt in their closet, denim bottoms, or white sneakers. If you don't have white sneakers you can wear any neutral colored shoe.

Untitled #1158

If you going out with your girlfriends whether it is out to eat or going shopping this is a cute look to wear.

Untitled #1159


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    1. Your'e welcome! Enjoyed your look this week!


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