Friday, July 29, 2016

Saturday Sales: Fall is Coming

Saturday Sales Spotlight: Fall is Coming

There are some many sales going on this weekend. Most stores are trying to get their summer apparel off the shelves to make room for their new fall fashion. But  you are probably wondering how can I make the most out of these summer sales and get ready for fall too. There are a few tips to allows you to get buy summer items and transition them into fall!

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Choose fabrics such as leather or suede which are great for cool weather.
A shorter dress can be worn now and later layered with tights and leggings.
Peep toe boots, heels, and flats are also great to wear now and in summer.
Gold jewelry of course can be worn all year.

Items in Included: 

H&M Fall is Coming Sales

Choose colors that can worn into fall such as dark purples and greens.
Also animal print items are excellent for fall too!
Sleeveless items can easily be layered with a cardigan or jacket, so don't pass on it!

Items Including 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Fall is Coming
Nordstrom has a lot of fall fashion on sale.
Some items can be worn in summer into fall.


Items included 


Jcpenney- Our Biggest Sale Of the Season Online and In Store- Ends July 30

Macy's Super Weekend Sale Promo Code: WKND
LastCall Extra 30% to 50% off Ends August 2
Mango 50%,60%,70% off on everything!
Forever 21
Nordstrom- Prices go up August 8

So what summer items do you wear into fall?



  1. I'm loving your picks. Although I'm nowhere ready for fall, it doesn't mean that I won't start shopping for the season!

    1. Thanks! I am ready for fall because this heat is hard to deal with in NC! So I am ready to start shopping!

  2. I love your Fall picks! All of the wine colored pieces are so great!


    1. Thanks! I know colors like that are my favorite!


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