Sunday, August 21, 2016

Motivation Monday: How to Keep Your Joy

Last week was hard! I let all of the bad news on television and online get the best of me. Every time I turned around it was something bad happening or something stupid said. Even people I personal know were not helping for my mood. They were mostly talking a bunch of negative stuff or having themselves a good petty party.  So I decided to join them too! But I made my self get so down in the dumps that I felt like quitting blogging and even some of the other projects  I am involved in. I was thinking why should I even try to do anything. But then  I had to take a step back and evaluate the situation. I realized that everything I was doing was making things worse  and not better for me. Below I will tell you what those things were and how I overcame them. 

Don't Compare Yourself to Others 

Embrace the fact that you are unique! 

Never compare yourself to someone else because that is a sure fire way to lose your peace! A lot of times people especially online mostly show only the best things in their lives and not the terrible things. No one is transparent enough to show all of their flaws and troubles. Also you don't know what they did to obtain what the have in life.  No one tells you really how hard they worked or what they really went through to achieve their goals in life.

Also don't try to be like someone else learn to be the best you can be.  Do what you are capable of doing instead of worrying about  what someone else doing. Also don't worry  when you don't do all well as others. Instead of  being caught up in the goals someone else  has reached try to set up your own goals. Stay focus on achieving your own goals and achievements in life. And celebrate when you accomplish each one. 

Don't get Easily Offended

I got offended at least twice this week over something so small!  I allowed what someone said  to  upset me so much that I was not happy for two days! I realized that it was not what they said that upset me it was just that I had insecurities that I never got rid of from my past. I was accused and bullied about a lot of things growing up. When someone accuses you of something you sometimes believe it even when you know it is not true.

 I  finally realized that in my heart I knew what I was doing was not wrong. People can make assumptions about my  actions but they may never know my motives. So I realized I should not feel guilty for something I know I did not do wrong. Just yesterday I told my mom the same thing when someone said something she did not like.  I told her " you did nothing wrong, so you have nothing to worry about." Also you don't know the motives of the person talking  so you really do not know if they have an issue with you. They only way to find out is personally asked them. If you don't just  shrug it off and because no really knows you like you do. 

Think of Someone Else

When I got upset my mom told me that "you need to get your mind off  yourself." So I set about doing good things for others. That helped me to realized that I had a lot to be thankful for especially  after seeing that  others  had problems some even worse than my own. Sometimes we  forget to be thankful for what we have instead of what we don't. 

I was so glad to see that what little bit I did helped them out. It made me feel better just to see that I could do something to help someone out.

To sum it all up, we should let God be the joy in our life because He never disappoints you. He always does what is right and fair. He never changes and He is constant is appearance. So let the joy of the Lord be your strength and we will never lose your joy! 

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