Friday, August 12, 2016

Saturday Sales: How to Shop Your Style Part Two

Finding Your Style 

How to Clean Out Your Closet | POPSUGAR Fashion

Sometimes when we go shopping we may find it hard to pick any item or item out because we really don't know what are style is. We sometimes buy things that look good on the rack but when we got home we are not quite pleased with it. One way to prevent yourself from buyers remorse is to ask your self what do you really like! Below are a few questions or ideas to ask your self before and during your shopping trip. 

Whose fashion do you admire or try to imitate. 

My Style Influences

A few of my style icons!

For example, for me it is Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba, and so many others. One cool thing you can do is to do an inspiration board of your style influences  on Pinterest or just a poster or board. Than you can get a feel of what your style is and what is not. 

Name your styles 

It is hard for me to narrow down my style just to one thing. One moment I am ladylike, than another classic, than next boho, and maybe boho. So use whatever words to describe your style. Just look in your closet or dresser and see which  words fits you. 

On Repeat 

Since your closet is open look at what items do you have on repeat! 
I know I have a lot of stripes, flats, black, pink, and floral prints. These items are my safe zone or what I feel comfortable wearing. This is a good thing to have because this shows you what you really like. 

Can't Make It Work!?

What items do you have in your closet you have not worn? What items still have a tag on it? These items mostly do not relate to your style but is something you wanted to try! So figure out why you have not wore it. Try it on and see how it looks. If you love it keep it and if not give it or donate it to someone else!  If you love it then keep it and find more like it! 

Play it up 

Now that you know your strengths play it up! If it is a color or colors look on you than stick with it! If you have a certain dress this flatters your figure than you have a winner.  Keep these items to flatter your body or you skin tone in your closet.

To help you to continue discovering your style I have created a work sheet.

Now if you already know what your  style is then here are a few stores having sales.


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  1. What a great idea!! I go shopping and end up with nothing or things I don't need because I'm so unsure. Printing off your worksheet!!

    1. I use to be like that because I was unsure what I wanted to look like! I wasted money and time just buying random clothing that I really did not even like. So I am so glad now I know what styles I love. It is never too late to learn what you like and I am glad the worksheet will help!


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