Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer to Fall Essentials

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Today I took another mini day trip (Man , I need a real vacation!) Tuesday. And I decided to take pictures of the blouse I brought last Thursday again. I love the blouse a lot because it is a blush colored even though it really does not quite show in this picture! I feel that blush tones are excellent ( and an essential for me) for summer but I have been trying to find ways to take this blouse into fall. I also wanted to find ways to incorporate my other summer essential a pleated skirt into fall as well. 

Since my blush blouse and my pleated skirts are both in the neutral family than can easily be transitioned into fall. Also blush items are still trendy for this fall because romantic and feminine fashion will still be in full force.  Pleated skirts are still in style this year too (I am so glad!).

What I am wearing: 
My Old Bomber Jacket Similar Similar
Catos Fashion Blush Top Similar
Katheryn Deen Polka Dot Skirt Similar
Rialto Ankle Boots Similar

Jewelry Forever 21 Ring Set (Similar)

So I added my old bomber jacket and some cute ankle boots. 

A bomber jacket of course is one of the top essentials for this fall and ankle boots are still popular for this year.

Other Fall Essentials that can be worn now! 

Summer to Fall: Wardrobe Essentials


Forever 21 Floral Dress (Only available in medium)

Laced up Blouse 

Layer with your favorite jacket for fall or layer another (think shirt under it) 

Denim Skirts 

You can easily transition them into fall by simply wearing your favorite boots are layering with tights. 


Your darker floral items would look cute with your favorite boots and maybe a fedora hat. 


Lace will also be popular in autumn because boho and vintage fashion will be trending. 

Suede Bag 

A suede skirt is very easy way to transition your look from summer to fall. 

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