Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Problem with Judging!

Do you throw stones?

"You should smile more". "You look mean!" "I hate quite girls." These are the reactions and statements I have heard almost all of my life. I first I thought it was something wrong with me.
So I tried to conform or change who I was. I did not understand that regardless of how I looked someone would have problems with me. But that did not stop from being hard on myself when I was in my teens or even more recently in adult hood to try to change myself.

Team USA gold medalists Lauren Hernandez, Gabrielle Douglas and Simone Biles, from left,  during the medal ceremony in Rio.
A non smiling picture of Gabby.

If you really know me I am introvert so I really do not express my self was well as someone else. I never been a smiley person. That does not mean I am not happy or glad. It just means you can't always read me. So don't judge me because you will never now my heart! You will never know what I am thinking or feeling.

So pictures are worth a thousand words some of them may not even be right!
A smiling a pic of Gabby the same night!

That's the problem with judging we don't always get it right. In my life I have I meet people that smiled all the time but were the easiest people to deal with. On the outside they were polish but inside they were broken. So we often get it wrong if we judge just based on appearances only. Also we never judge ourselves that way!  I have seen this below quote several places and it rings so true!

We may never knew what was really going on in someone's mind until  they tell us their motives. So be careful in your judgements of others just based on a few pictures or images!

Image result for gabby huging biles
Gabby all smiles with Biles!

So before you judge someone remember someone there is a person out there doing the same thing to you!
They see your behavior and think they know who or what you are.
They may be right in some aspects but they will never really know what is going on inside.

Image result for gabby huging biles
Gabby congratulating her teammates!

So before you judge check your motives! Ask your self these questions. I am guilty of the same thing that I am about to accuse someone of or am I even worse than how they are behaving? I am seeking to restore someone or help them out of something they are doing wrong or I am trying to be superior than them?

Ask your self those questions before you start throwing stones! Also make sure you are ready to duck because when you judge someone they will in turn judge you in your faults. A lot of people are facing those same reactions for the stuff they are saying about Gabby Douglas. They are facing backlash for their judgements and rash typing skills (Twitter fingers are real!).

Yes what others are doing is wrong too but what can you except when you are not perfect either! So let God be the judge of it because it knows far more than we ever will! So pray for them and show them love because you will never know when you will need someone to do the same!

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